New updates and improvements to Milk Video.

We’re excited to share that Milk Video has released a Zoom Meeting and Zoom Recording integration to provide a tighter integration for all Zoom webinars, virtual events, and customer engagement recordings. Zoom Integration saves you time by automatically syncing your recordings with Milk Video and transcribing content to make it searchable. Many industry leading companies already implement syncing for their Zoom accounts.

To activate the Milk Video Zoom Integration, go to your account settings.

We recently changed our notifications for content transcription and video processing to speed up event follow up and enable teams to repurpose Zoom content quickly. Milk Video Zoom integration will automatically sync account recordings by default, but can be disabled to avoid Milk Video usage overages.

User generated templates

Last week, we announced Milk Video Design Templates for all paid users, which helps create professional videos without design skills. We launched the feature with professionally designed templates for various purposes.

Today we are now making it easier to create consistent brand aligned content by allowing users to create their own templates. Each team can turn an existing video project into a reusable template for other team members to automatically use. By default, user created templates will appear in the Milk Video dashboard.

Templates can be used to establish canvas dimensions, common background colors or images, preset fonts on captions, content blocks for title, and company logos. Together with Milk Video Design Templates and user generated templates, we think Milk Video will help you increase their quantity and quality of video content.

Pre-made professional design templates are now ready for use by all paid users. Design templates contain two major parts.

Professional designs

First we are launching with pre-made designs that are ready to use for webinars, customer testimonials, internal and company meetings. The individual templates are “video projects” that any user can “duplicate” and customize. The templates contain various layers that can be replaced, such as titles, video clips or captions, and other elements which are not meant to be updated, like image widgets and background styles.

We will have 25 templates by the end of the month and 100 templates by the end of the quarter.

Template builder

We have made creating quality content easier than ever with our template builder wizard.

The step-by-step Milk Video template wizard allows you to pick a clip, pick a template, and then populate each layer of the template one step at a time.

Users who want to customize the templates will be able to import designs into the Milk Video canvas editor.

The core functionality behind the wizard will be reused across the site and also in places like the home page to have users create content with the lowest friction possible.

Finding the right moments of your video content is critical to creating high-quality content quickly. As companies expand their collection of video and audio files, discovering key moments in opaque files becomes harder. This is why we’re excited to introduce global search to Milk Video’s growing set of features.

With global search in you can now spend less time skimming videos, and quickly find key moments in any uploaded content based on the words that appear in the videos/audio. This is designed to make Milk Video a better system of record for companies producing a high quantity of content, without requiring a formal process for managing it.

Our new search interface allows users to search and immediately preview the content across uploaded files, to pinpoint the timestamps. Users can search by phrases in video, share references directly, and clip or download.

Your logo, brand colors, and fonts are the key to understanding and communicating your company’s identity to those who matter most. Wrapped in a neat little package, we launched Brant kit so your content created in Milk Video can be sent to external stakeholders, internal teams, and advocate partners with ease.

Whether you’re part of a large or small organization, Brand kit is the essential asset that you should have at the ready.

We are reducing the amount of time users spend re-making the video content that is meant to look identical to previously made content. Companies now have a “brand kit” where they can save commonly used logos, text styles, custom fonts, and preset color settings.

Layer arrangement lets you quickly adjust the arrangement between a selection of two or more layers. You can now:

  • Uniformly adjust the vertical and horizontal spacing between layers
  • Create shared alignment or center the alignment a selection of layers
  • Rearrange or reorder layers in a row, column, or grid layout
  • Duplicate or delete layers from a selection and quickly rearrange layers

Selection and arrangement reduces the need for tedious repetitious tasks, saving you time and allowing you to build and arrange layouts faster.

We launched the Milk Video in January 2021 with the goal of simplifying video editing for everyone. We focused on how to simplify the process of taking the best clips of any video recording and quickly turn it into a captioned designed clip. This was the perfect solution for turning long videos into quickly engaging social media.

Since then, we have wanted to support the ability of preserving multiple quality moments from longer videos to create highlight reels.

We are launching a new feature: Highlight Reels. Milk Video now supports stitching a series of clips together, allowing for event marketers to do webinar recaps, team leaders to do Zoom meeting summaries, and for sales professionals to add a personal touch to their sales demo – all in a matter of minutes.

Milk Video features workflow improvements to how you interact with the timeline for clipping. The biggest and most exciting new feature is millisecond level precision in clipping.

Timelines at the bottom of the transcript can now be clipped with a new drag-and-drop based range selection. You no longer are limited to transcript based editing. Milk Video now allows for more precise selection.

To help with navigating the transcript, all timeline range selections will also be displayed as corresponding transcript selections.

Milk Video is obsessed with creating accessible video content, fast. Not only can you quickly edit captions in our transcript editor, but you can now edit incorrect words in the canvas editor.

Now you can quickly edit captions after finding the parts you want to showcase, and turn it into a designed video.

Previous caption workflows require conscious task structuring to first identify your video, correct the entire caption, and then produce designs. Now, you that you can edit your captions in the design canvas, the video creation process is faster and less frustrating.

Milk Video share pages support the oEmbed specification. You can now take your share link and display your video clips in a Slack, blog posts, Twitter, LinkedIn, Notion or any webpage builder.

Each shared page generates a custom social share image containing a brief caption preview.


Share pages can be shared directly as well and will track each page view and display the count at the top of the page.

The share pages are supported on uploads, clips, and downloads.

Milk Video supports direct clip downloads. File uploads can be clipped and downloaded directly without requiring design.

Opening video editing software is cumbersome to isolate a short part of a long video. When an unstyled section of a video is desired, you can quickly use the transcript interface and select a section to be downloaded.

All trimmed downloads will also be shareable directly in the future.