New updates and improvements to Milk Video.

Canvas item management

As a video creator a large part of our work is about exploring constraints and possibilities, which is often a very iterative process.

Most of this work involves repetitive tasks, like “What if the caption line ended slightly earlier?” or “Would it help to change the color contrast?”

This tedious work can take up a huge amount of time. Simply rearranging layer items on a timeline might mean performing 10 minute operations, 9 click and select operations — all while keeping track of remaining scenes in your head.

It shouldn’t have to be this hard. After all, we have these amazingly powerful computers at our disposal, where one of the fundamental aspects is effective repetition and reuse. I.e. a computer is able to perfectly repeat the same action multiple times at blazing speeds, something utilized by writing professionals, software engineers, data researchers and others. But not as much by designers.

Milk Video’s design canvas now supports multiple item selection, grouping and layer changes. When making adjustments to scale, position, color, and fonts, items can now be manipulated in groups.